Aruba Certificeringen


Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

This certification validates you have the foundational networking knowledge and skills required to design, set up and configure a basic Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) utilizing the V8 operating system architecture and features.

Additionally this certification validates that you can:

  • Understand the Aruba Mobile First Platform based on the Aruba Mobility Master and Controller architecture
  • Configure secure WLAN features
  • Configure integrated firewalls
  • Describe and configure Controller and AP communications
  • Describe features of Dynamic RF management
  • Implement secure and guest networking solutions

De ARUBA Networks Wireless en ClearPass Praktisch Beheer kan in combinatie met zelfstudie worden gebruikt voor de Aruba Networks ACMA certificering.

Training Code Examen
ARUBA Networks Wireless en ClearPass Praktisch Beheer ARUBA-WLAN-PB ACMA
Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8 (ACMA) ARUBA-IAW HPE6-A42

Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

This certification validates that you have the networking knowledge and skills required to implement, configure and manage advanced Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) enterprise solutions utilizing the V8 operating system (AOS8) architecture and features.
This certification validates knowledge and skills in these key areas and more:

  • Configuring and using the Mobility Master for consolidated network management
  • Uses and advantages of clustering
  • Redundancy and providing user seamless failover
  • Utilizing MultiZone to have multiple and separate secure networks while using the same Access Point (AP)
  • Utilizing secure Tunneled Node for wired switches
  • Utilizing AirWave to monitor the health of the wired and wireless network
  • Troubleshooting  devices, users and applications on Aruba Mobile First networks
Training Code Examen
Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) 8 (ACMP) ARUBA-SWDI HPE6-A44

Aruba Certified Switching Associate

The Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) V1 certification validates that you have the fundamental skills to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) and campus networks.

This certification validates your skills on the networking fundamentals of ArubaOS switches and file structures including VLANs, secure access, redundancy technologies, and Aruba's Virtual Switching Framework (VSF).  It verifies your ability to deploy Aruba wireless Access Points and configure Aruba Instant Access Point (IAP) Clustering technology. This certification also validates you know how to configure, manage and monitor network deployments with the Aruba AirWave management solution.

Training Code Examen
Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility (ACSA) ARUBA-SWITCH ACSA

Aruba Certified Switching Professional

This certification validates you can implement and operate enterprise level Aruba campus switching solutions.  

Specifically it validates your knowledge of these topics and more:

  • implementing ArubaOS-Switches including securing access, redundancy technologies, link aggregation techniques and switch virtualization with HPE’s Virtual Switching Framework
  • configuring dynamic routing with Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • IP multicast routing
  • network optimization incorporating Quality of Service (QoS) priorities
  • protecting the network using Access Control Lists (ACLs) and other security measures
Training Code Examen
Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions (ACSP) ARUBA-CSS HPE6-A45 + HPE6-A46


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